Working environment and safety

Gas detection systems

We offer measurement systems for personal and collective protection from toxic and explosive gases and vapors in industry, gas detectors and leak detectors for most of the hazardous gases such as sulfur dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, hydrocarbons, ozone, etc..

We deliver personal and multi-channel systems to monitor the parameters of the working and living environment, transmitters, controllers and sensors for temperature, relative humidity, pressure, particulate matter (PM), including applications in building management.

We provide complete systems and products of established manufacturers of equipment for the measurement of the parameters of the working environment, such as Scott, TSI, SA Technology Instruments, DataNab and others.

Ambient air quality

Ambient air equipment

We offer single-gas analyzers and monitors for the measurement of the air pollution. We develop and design comprehensive automatic monitoring stations for the ambient air quality. Our equipment meets the requirements of the regulations on the environmental protection up to the provision of information of the air quality to the public. We supply devices for sampling and measurement of fine particulate matter – PM2.5, PM10.

We offer the high quality products of companies like Ecotech, ECM Eco Monitoring, TSI, Aeroqual, and others.

The equipment offered by our company meets the strict national and international standards for measuring the parameters of the ambient air, like EN 12341: 2014 for fine particles – PM, EN 14212: 2012 for sulfur dioxide, EN 14211: 2012 for nitrogen oxides, EN 14625: 2012 for ozone, EN 14626: 2012 for carbon monoxide and others.

Cleanrooms and zones


We offer handheld, portable and remote particle counters for the qualification of cleanrooms and for the validation of laminar boxes. We deliver transmitters, sensors and combined devices as well as comprehensive monitoring systems, needed in the manufacture of microelectronic and pharmaceutical products, according to the requirements of ISO 14644-1, -2 and EU GMP.

The object of the measurements are such parameters of the air in the cleanrooms, as the concentration of particles, relative humidity, temperature, differential pressure between the rooms, flow rate, microbiological contamination and others. We design, supply, setup and startup complete systems. We provide qualification and maintenance for the monitoring systems.

We are representing several well-established manufacturers of measuring equipment for cleanrooms and for monitoring systems by TSIEMTEK, etc .

Emissions from industrial pollutants

Emission monitoring and CEMSThe industrial plants emit in the atmosphere numerous harmful substancs like SO2, NOx, CO, NH3, H2S, HCl, fine dust and others. These polutants are a subject of continuous control of the Ministry of Environment and the Regional Environmental Inspectorates and the industrial plants. For the purposes of this control we offer engineering and buildup of stations for continuous emission monitoring (CEMS), including the provision of public information and reporting to the Regional Inspectorates, according to the local legislation. We integrate in the stations reliable and high quality gasanalyzers and sampling systems of manufactureres like ECM ECO Monitoring, Servomex and others.