Welcome to 6MS LTD

bgCompany 6MS EOOD was established in 2013 by a small but enthusiastic team, with the idea to offer its customers reliable and adaptive systems for monitoring and control of the pollution and other physical parameters in industry, ambient air and water.
We design, build and provide systems for continuous monitoring of parameters in multiple areas, such as:

  • Working environment and safety – gasanalyzers and gasdetectors for the monitoring of working environment for oxygen and pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, ammonia and others toxic and explosive gases.
  • Cleanrooms and zones – measurement equipment for the qualification and validation of cleanrooms and laminar boxes, like particle counters, flow meters, systems for temperature, humidity and pressure monitoring, as well as other critical parameters of cleanrooms and clean zones.
  • Quality of the ambient air – Gasanalyzer equipment and complete automated stations for the monitoring of key pollutants in the ambient air, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulphide, ozone, PM10, PM2.5, hydrocarbons and others.
  • Emissions from industrial sources – Portable and stationary systems for the monitoring of emissions from industrial air pollutants; continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS).
  • Фотоволтаични системи